We explore the responsible integration and use of emerging technology

Recognizing the increasing impact that science and technology has on the human condition, We practice, discuss, and guide the ethical use of existing and emerging technologies.

Our purpose is to continue the enhancement our individual and collective capabilities through education and collaboration.

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Topics that we address include:

Applied Cybernetics & Wearable Technology

Our devices and technological tools are becoming integral to our day to day lives. As this integration deepens, many of our tools are becoming "built in" to our clothing & jewelry, and even our bodies. Medical implants are becoming commonplace and even consumer implants are now on the market.

Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing

Our computers are beginning to understand us and respond in an almost intuitive way. Many systems can now use voice recognition and advanced systems can even perceive emotional states. Quantum computing allows us to store, process, and transmit information using elementary building blocks of matter and energy, creating new potential that we have yet to understand

Robotics & Intelligent Electronics

While robotics and automation continue to transform the manufacturing industry, we are breathing new life into our appliances, homes, and cars. Using voice recognition we can remote-control an increasing array of items including computers, mobile devices, thermostats, and kitchen appliances. Self-Driving cars and even personal assistant robots are on the horizon

Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

In labs across the world modern tools are being used to reveal the secrets of the the bio-mechanical processes that are at the core of all life. This new-found understanding brings new approaches to disease treatment, environmental issues, and promise to revolutionize the manufacturing and healthcare industries in ways that were previously impossible.


Advances in nanotechnology are allowing us to manipulate our world at the atomic level, creating molecule-size machines and novel substances with uses ranging from flexible electronics to solar paint to drugs that specifically target cancer cells.

More- much more

This is just the beginning. The rate of our advance is increasing exponentially as we leverage one technology to build another.

We can project to a point in the near future where technology will have potentials that we cannot imagine.