About TwinCities+

Happy Hour+ is a bi-weekly event where members gather to share good conversation, food, and drink.
TwinCities+ is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

P.O. Box 28123
Crystal, MN  55428

Twin Cities Plus (tc+) was formed to address the lack of public awarness of the rapidly increasing opportunity inherrant to our deepening technology integration.

We are focused on furthuring the understanding and implementation of existing and emerging technologies at the individual and community levels. 

Our primary purpose is to:
    • increase intelligence,
    • develop capabilities, and
    • enhance the quality (and duration) of life
for all people.

We accomplish this by creating community events and collaboritve projects designed to give participants hands-on experience or in-depth knowledge of current and potential developments in science and technology..
We explore, create, and share our evolving technological world
Building an  intelligent, capable, and resilient community