Twin Cities Transhumanists participation

There are several ways you can participate. We host regular social and topic driven events and interact through online tools.


The easiest way to participate is to join our Google+ Community. We use the Google platform to discuss upcoming events, news of recent advances, and member’s projects. This community is open to people outside of the Twin Cities.

Offline events

Those in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area are encouraged to join our Meetup group to stay in the loop about our offline events and gatherings. We meet regularly in social gatherings and for topic driven events and workshops.
  • Happy Hour+

    We meet twice a month over drinks and appetizers. These events are very casual and can cover a variety of topics including recently announced advances, member projects and general personal conversation.

  • Movie Nights

    Once a month, we meet at a local pizza shop to watch a movie and talk about the technology and concepts that it contains. 

  • Book Club

    Coffee, pastries and books! Each month a new book is chosen by the participants to be read and discussed at the next month's meeting.
  • Roundtable discussions

    The Twin Cities Transhumanists hosts a monthly roundtable discussion. Each of these events is focused on a single topic chosen by the community. Examples include implantable technology, nootropic uses and dangers, artificial intelligence, and others.
  • Workshops

    As interest and participation allows, we host workshops where members can work together to implement emerging technologies, such as the building of trans-cranial direct stimulation devices or implanting NFC or RFID devices.

Volunteer opportunities and community support

Our organization is maintained and supported by our members. There is no requirement in this regard, but members are encouraged  to assist with events and with the administration of our online tools and to contribute financially to ensure continued access to our online tools. Please click here for more information.