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Regular Events

Those in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area are encouraged to join our Meetup group to stay in the loop about our offline events and gatherings. We meet regularly in social gatherings and for topic driven events and workshops.
  • Round Table Discussions Each month we meet for a collaborative discussion on a single topic. Examples include implantable technology, nootropic uses and dangers, artificial intelligence, and others.

  • Movie Nights Themed with not so distant scientific possibilities with an open discussion to follow the movie.
    This is a great way to socialize and meet like minds and share our passions for making the world a better place through science, engineering, and technology.

  • Book Club Delve into both science fiction and non-fiction books to engage members in thinking of the world around us and the influences the author has on the endless potentials that lie in the future.

  • Workshops As interest and participation allows, we host workshops where members can work together to implement emerging technologies. Upcoming workshops include trans-cranial direct stimulation device creation and the integration of implanted technology.