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Assistive Device Program

Twin Cities Plus Inc is currently developing services and programs to aid disabled and disadvantaged individuals in the Twin Cities and greater community.

The objective of the 3d Printed Assistive Devices Program is to provide innovative solutions to individuals with disabilities or without optimum functionality of limbs for whom existing medical devices aren't affordable.

The pilot phase of this project is currently underway.

This phase will lay the groundwork necessary for TwinCities+ to build an efficient repeatable process for the development and implementation of custom built devices to serve as an alternative to the costly medical devices currently available through the healthcare system.

The pilot phase of the project aims to:

  • Develop an online application system

  • Secure medical expertise, support, and develop an applicant evaluation process

  • Create documentation on the subjects of device installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair

  • Establish communication channels for post-installation support

  • Secure all necessary tools and materials to create selected assistive devices